Windscreen Replacements

Offering the most reliable windscreen replacement service in Lancashire


Welcome to Cheaper Windscreens, offering the most reliable windscreen replacement service in Lancashire


Cheaper windscreens provides windscreen repair and replacement services for cars and all types of commercial vehicle e.g. Fleet, Motor Trade and the Private Motorists.


We are a professional windscreen repair and replacement service for various vehicles from cars to commercial ones, like Private Motorists and Motor Trades. The company which is located in Lancashire has a portfolio of experience and top quality staff to help you out. In addition to this, Cheaper Windscreens is one of the most experienced companies in and around Lancashire, and they also provide a 7 day mobile windscreen repair and replacement service.


Their professionalism shows through their nationwide network of independent operators in Lancashire and the surrounding areas. Cheaper Windscreens also have access to a large stock of windscreens, side and rear screens which can be provided for you on the same day.


All the new equipment we use at our base is as modern as you can get and we will give you the best repair service to meet your expectations. The canopies which are installed to the roof of all the vehicles we use allow us to fix windscreens in any type of weather, and our remote control lifting machine for commercial windscreens ensures accuracy and protection from leaks and future damages. Health and safety and customer service are our main priorities and by using the newest equipment, we can ensure our clients that they will receive a five star service so they won’t have any troubles with that one windscreen chip again.


We also provide a specialist onsite plant glazing service that will manufacture your glass panels to fit. With such a flexible service for our customers it will be hard not to choose Cheaper Windscreens in Lancashire. Another bonus to this is if you have windscreen insurance on your car, we can direct bill your insurance company for the cost of your windscreen replacement or repair.

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